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Helping make fitness fit your life.

The Start Simple Online Fitness Project is a unique approach to fitness. Blending the individual attention of personal training with a fitness group’s sense of community, the project takes a habit-building approach to fitness, teaching valuable tools to change behavior, overcome setbacks and make fitness sustainable and enjoyable.

What makes it different?

This is not a gimmicky cookie-cutter, get-fit-quick program. The size of the group is kept small to ensure participants receive personalized feedback. Advice and tips are given based on an individual’s unique situation; guidance is customized for each participant’s goals and obstacles; and workouts and challenges are designed to be flexible, so each person can shape them to their own strengths and weaknesses.

Participants get:
– Help with goal setting
-Tips on how to make time for fitness
– Exercise advice and guidance
– Workout recommendations
-Help navigating setbacks and injuries
– Short-term goals & challenges to keep you focused and on track
– Encouragement
– Accountability
– Sense of community

“Starting out I was over 300 pounds and not physically active at all. Dan’s dedication and focus on functional fitness has helped me to lose over 80 pounds and, more importantly, I have become a lot more physically capable.”

– Matt M., client since 2018


How does it work?
To find out more information or to sign up, contact SSF here or simply email I’ll respond (check your spam folder!) with any answers and/or information on how to sign up and join the group. Once you’ve joined, we’ll begin by discussng your goals and strategies for achieving them.

Why isn’t it a normal automated sign-up?
A couple reasons. First, I want my interaction with each participant to be personal. I’m not interested in just taking your money. Before you sign up, I want to make sure our goals and expectations are on the same page and that this program is right for you. I think that sets us both up with the best chance of having you succeed and be satisfied. Second, it allows me to easily cap and manage the size of the group. And third, while I have the knowledge to help you get fit, I have embarrassingly little knowledge of technology and web design. (So, like my fitness philosophy, let’s keep things simple.)

How much is it?
Rates for the program are:

70% OFF

We are currently holding our “Launch into Spring” sale! For a limited time, sign up and receive 70% off our regular rate, PLUS participate for FREE from now until the end of April. (For example: Sign up for 3 months, you can join today and your 3 months won’t start counting until May.)
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-3 Months: NOW: $101 [Regularly: $339]
-6 Months: NOW: $192 [Regularly: $642]
-1 Year: NOW: $342 [Regularly: $1,140]